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     Today you're provided an example of what your writing assessment may look like.  In you neatest handwriting, you will begin to write an essay, based on the following prompt, on the assessment sheets provided.

     You will not be graded upon how well you do on this assessment, your grade will be dictated by the following criteria:


Criteria  Value 
iPad remains flat on desk for the duration of this exercise. 15% 
Student's handwriting is legible, any illegible portions are rewritten.  20% 
Hands are raised to ask questions, and no questions are asked about how to complete this essay. (This is a pre-assessment, students are not graded on how well they do, only how hard they try) 15% 

Student remains on task and self motivated until time is up or the essay is completed.  Please refrain from:

     - Sleeping/putting head down

     - Staring off into space

     - Disrupting other students (may result in removal from testing site and automatic and unforgivable 0%)

     - Playing game on iPad

     - Other non-academic activities 

Total Possible  ____/100% 


     As you test, your teacher will come around and give you a sticker star every so often, this is to remind your teacher to give you credit for the assignment.  If you do not receive a star, and the people around you do, you should probably re-evaluate what actions you are taking.


Essay Links:









Exam will be taken on cornelllined.pdf paper.

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