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Lesson 8.1


Warm-Up 8.1:  

      What is your favorite animal, real or fictional, and why do you like it?  Write 5 - 7 sentences, or write 3 - 5 sentences and draw it.


Classwork 8.1:

     Fold paper to make a brochure.

     Spin Brainstormer app and acquire a creature.

     Look up the three words that make up your creature, write down where you found information on them.

     Draw creature on the cover of your brochure.

     Write a short narrative inside the first fold of your brochure, 5 - 7 sentences.


Homework 8.1:

     Write 5 sentences with a preposition in each.  Underline your prepositions.










Lesson 8.2


Warm-Up 8.2:  

     Create Frayer models for the terms, "Primary Source," and "Secondary Source."


Classwork 8.2:

     Look up information on both animals your creature comes from.  On one leaf of your brochure, include the following information.  You will have to either choose which animal each of these things comes from, or you can combine the two animals.  For example, a fire-breathing panther cockroach could live in a habitat for either a panther, a cockroach, or a combination of the two.  Write down your sources.


Find and write 2 - 3 sentences on each:

  • Habitat
  • Behavior
  • Social Structure
  • Diet
  • Life-Cycle


Homework 8.2:

     Read the following sources, write one compound sentence summarizing each.











Lesson 8.3


Warm-Up 8.3:  

      Draw a four frame comic of your creature in it's natural habitat.  Write one sentence for each.


Classwork 8.3:

     Read:  http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/campaigns/oceans/tuna/


     The article suggests we need to protect tuna.  Write, on one leaf of your brochure, an argument to EITHER save your creature from going extinct, or why it would become a delicious food source.


Homework 8.3:


Read the following sources, write one compound sentence summarizing each.












Lesson 8.4


Warm-Up 8.4:  

      How do you feel about the World Wildlife Foundation?  Write 5 - 7 sentences.


Classwork 8.4:


On one of the back section of your brochure, cite your sources, where you acquired your information, in MLA Format.


Finish any remaining work on the brochure.


Begin brochure presentations.  Students that are completely done and present today receive a bonus 10%.


Homework 8.4:

     Create a five step plan to make the world a better place for wildlife.  Write one sentence for each step.




Narrative Presentations:







Lesson 8.5


Warm-Up 8.5:  

     If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?  Write 3 - 5 sentences, and make a drawing.


Classwork 8.5:

     Finish presentations.


Closure 8.5:

     Staple homework and warm-ups together, put your name, date, and class period on both sides of every sheet.  Turn sheets into your class section.



Narrative Presentations




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