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Page history last edited by Travis Doyle 6 years, 7 months ago

Welcome to 8th Grade Writing


This PB Works page will be the map you'll use to navigate writing class this year.


Writing Weeks will not always line up directly with school weeks, please check dates.


Contact Information for Mr. Doyle:

     Phone:  (304) 256-4616 ex. 1147

     E-Mail:  8thBESTwriting@gmail.com


Directions:  Click the links below to access the warm-ups, homework, and daily agendas.



New Page


Semester 1





Lesson 5: Sentence Structure

Lesson 6: Sentence Structure Paragraph Structure

Lesson 7: Paragraph Structure (Thesis Statements)

Lesson 8: Essay Structure

Lesson 9: Career Day Essay

Lesson 10: Career Day Essay Continued

Lesson 11: Career Day Essay Continued, Nearing Exhaustion

Lesson 12: Finally!  Career Day!

Lesson 13: Crazy Creatures and Presentations

Lesson 14: Wrapping Up Crazy Creatures


Lesson 16: Ending NaNoWriMo Moving On

Lesson 17: Seven Wonders of Grammar

Lesson 18: Civilization Project

Lesson 19: Civilization Presentations


Semester 2

Lesson A - Back to School!

Lesson B - Young Writers Week

Lesson C - Finishing Yound Writer's and Sentence Structure Recap!

Lesson D - Analyzing Poetry and Articles - Short Answer Preparation

Lesson E - Black History Month Essay

Lesson F - Mothman Cometh

Lesson G - Essays and WV Writers Inc Contest

Lesson H - Finishing Mothman WV Writers Inc Contest

Lesson I - Board Game Project

Lesson J - Spring Broken

Lesson K - Finishing Board Games MobyMax Assessments

Lesson L - Honing Skills

Lesson M - Jabberwocky Poem Beginning Prose

Lesson N - Prose

Lesson O - Finishing Prose

Lesson P - It's Time for Change

Lesson Q - Test Preparation and Storybook Introduction

Lesson R - Smarter, Balanced testing


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